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Open Datasets used to construct this page include:
Teaching Room Features
University Room Bookings
Buildings and Places
The dataset pages also tell you how to report errors for that dataset.

Open Data Room Finder


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This is our room finder application. It is designed for members of the university who are organising an event and need to book a room. It uses the open data available in the buildings, room features and room bookings datasets and allows the user to search for rooms based on availability and suitability.

The tool is written as a browser app and makes heavy use of dynamic HTML and Javascript to update the page when the user changes the criteria. Consequently it may not work on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. We are in the process of developing a version of this tool suitable for old browsers and small screens. Additionally, the main app should be considered 'beta', which means it may break and the information it provides should be treated as a guide. If you have any problems or questions, please email Ash from the Open Data Service:

This is a beta service provided by iSolutions using technology developed by ECS. Get in touch at